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Use our extensive experience in the direct mail industry to your advantage. Through our years of dental marketing, we have acquired valuable information and we would like to share it with you. Direct mail campaigns can be quite expensive if you don’t get the intended results. We are so confident that our expertise will be worth your money that we guarantee you will see a 200 percent return on investment. Please see our ROI Guarantee below.

The care that you show your patients should shine through in your marketing materials. The high-quality products and processes that we use ensure that your dedication to your patients is evident in every piece of mail potential clients receive.

Because you know your patients better than anyone else, we will work closely with your office to determine your target market. You will be in complete control of your campaigns while our expert dental consultants guide you with their knowledge of the dental direct mail marketing industry.

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What’s Included:

direct mail ROI guarantee


Our 200 percent return on investment guarantee means that you will earn twice as much money as you invested in the direct mail campaign after three mailings. We base the formula on the average conversion rate of 50 percent and an earnings of $1,000 for each new patient during their first year with your practice. If your campaign fails to meet those goals after three mailings, your fourth mailing is FREE.

*Must use our call tracking system to track incoming calls. Same mailer must be delivered to the same addresses for all three mailings.


dentist postcard


Our designers will work with you to determine a strategy for your new mailing and then create a beautiful mailer to carry our that strategy. As with all of your marketing efforts, you are not only trying to attract new patients, but you are also trying to develop a recognizable brand for you and your practice. At HM Fusion we do not make you choose from a template for the design of your mailer. We work with you to create a unique and customized mailer that match you practice atmosphere, website and current branding.



dental mailing map

The software we use to determine your market area is the best in the industry. Using this sophisticated mapping program, we can help you define your market area and the number of residents who fit into your target demographic.

With an accurate view of your surrounding area, we can help you decide where to focus your marketing efforts. By targeting your marketing campaign to the homes that are most likely to need the dental services you offer, you can increase your likelihood of finding the right new patients for your practice and maximize your advertising investment.


postcard printing


We want your postcards to get the attention of your potential patients. Our full-color, glossy postcards are sure to catch their eye. Your target clients will receive their postcards printed on durable 16 pt. card stock. Because your practice provides quality service, your market area will receive high-quality promotional material to help back up that service.



direct mail

Many companies charge a mailing and postage fee as a additional cost to your campaign. At HM Fusion the postage and mailing is included with every Direct mail campaign. Other companies also send out your mailers and tell you they can take from 2 to 21 days to reach their destination. At HM Fusion, after your mailers are printed and postage is attached, we drop ship them to your local post office so they can be quickly distributed to the homes of your target patients. The post office then guarantees that the delivery will be made within 48 hours. This is the way we are able to track and know exactly when your mailer will be delivered.


direct mail call tracking


Because each postcard we send has a unique phone number, we are able to track the results of your marketing campaign. This number will ring directly to your office number. You will have access to this tracking system in real-time. Our advanced call tracking program allows you determine how many new patients are gained from your advertising efforts.

A wealth of information is collected that you can use for training or further marketing. Our system collects caller ID information, date, time and length of each call and even records the conversation between your staff and the new patient. Another great use for our call tracking is having the ability to view and return missed calls. The information is stored securely on your online dashboard and can be accessed directly from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our tracking software works independently from your phone system so you won’t have to change the way you currently take incoming calls.

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Our Service Includes Everything

  • ROI Guarantee
  • Postage
  • Design
  • Mailing List
  • Printing
  • Mailing
  • Call Tracking
  • Demo Report


6×12 Dentist Postcard
Quantity Price (per piece)
5,000 .45
10,000 .43
15,000 .42
20,000 .41
25,000 .40
Over 25,000 Call for Quote – 800.604.9009

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