Naming Your Dental Practice

Whether you’ve acquired your dental practice as a result of a sale or you’re looking into rebranding your business, you want to start with the name. Because it’s a way for your patients to identify with your practice and relate, a lot of thought and research should be taken into consideration before making your final decision on the right name.

Most people typically name the dental practice after the dentist. However, you want to think about how the name could affect you down the road. If you go with a name, and you have children who are thinking of following in your footsteps, this could prove beneficial.

If you’re thinking about expanding and adding new associates at a later date, you may want to go down a different path. Including the location such as the city, state or neighborhood as part of the name allows your patients to immediately know the location of your practice. A prime example could be Oak Avenue Dental. You could also select something more descriptive about where your practice resides such as Rocky Mountain Dental Care.

You also want to take into account what sets you apart from the competition. Do you have a certain philosophy that you abide by? Are you known for your spa-like features or state-of-the-art technology when it comes to the dental field? If your practice is of the spiritual and calming nature, you may want to choose a name such as Peaceful Dental Care. Whatever your niche, you want to ensure that it gets communicated appropriately when it comes to deciding upon a name.

If you’ve been considering changing the name of your dental practice, you may find the above ideas helpful. Coming up with the right name can be the beginning of a successful and happy brand for your dental practice.