Dental Marketing Brochures

Used by your current patients as a referral tool, or handed out as a advertising piece, a practice brochure can be a very successful new patient generator. When your current patients are asked by their friends and colleagues if they can recommend a dentist your referral brochure is a great intro for them to use. The referral brochures should be simple and contain important information about your practice such as location map, practice description, and website address. The key of the referral brochure is to get the potential patient to your website because that is where they will be able to find answers to their questions such as doctor information, services, FAQ’s, etc. Another great marketing idea is to have some sort of “new patient offer” on the referral brochure. This is just a way of saying thank you for choosing your practice. A HM Fusion marketing specialist can work with you to determine the right look, content, and special offer for your referral brochure.Get Started Now


Tri Fold Brochure Design – $995

8.5 x 11 Tri-fold Brochures printed on 100LB Gloss Paper with UV Coating


  • 500 – $330
  • 1,000 – $348
  • 2,500 – $425
  • 5,000 – $595

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