Show This, Not That.

Before-and-after galleries are an excellent way to showcase your practice online. It allows patients to see what services you’re able to provide them with. It also gives them hope that they can achieve similar results, even if they’re unhappy with the state of their dental health. High-resolution pictures with patient-friendly commentary explaining the procedures can put their mind at ease. Remember, the fewer the sentences, the better. To help your patients gain a better understanding of the offered procedures, you’ll want to mention the treatments by name. You don’t want to turn away patients or frighten them, so you also want to avoid posting gory photos.

Lip retractors are another sensitive subject for patients. While it may be necessary in order to better treat the patient, posting pictures of the actual lip retraction could frighten away your clientele. A better option would be to post the before and after transformations, so your patients can see the beautiful smiles they’re sure to achieve. If you don’t have photos of a full smile, you can crop the pictures to hide the retractors.